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Bitcoin course potential according to the fundamental analysis of a billion dollar company is $ 400,000, Ethereum and XRP course in the analysis & the latest IOTA update

Three cryptocurrencies in comparison: Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple. On the picture you can see the respective coins ETH, BTC and XRp.

Welcome to our CryptoMonday weekly review of KW 51

As usual there was a lot to report this week and so it is not surprising that we can come up with a whole range of interesting news in front of the door.

Our topics this week range from a fundamental analysis of a billion dollar company that sees the Bitcoin price at around $ 400,000, to the current status quo around the Ethereum price and what conclusions can be drawn from it for the entire market, IOTA’s latest update to to Bitcoin Code and the current situation of their native crypto currency XRP.

And of course that was far from all! But that’s enough of the preface. Have fun with our CryptoMonday weekly review!

Afterwards, let us know what the most exciting or significant events were for you this week and discuss them with our community on Telegram .

Bitcoin course of $ 400,000 according to fundamental analysis by Guggenheim & other company confirms BTC purchase of 744 million

Bitcoin price rises sharply and can record price gains. The picture shows a price curve as well as stacked bitcoins.

The Bitcoin price has shot up well above its all-time high from the end of 2017. Many celebrate this event as a great success, but if you believe the experts from the corporate world, this is just the beginning.

The CIO of Guggenheim let it be known that, according to their fundamental analysis, the Bitcoin price should be around 20 times its value today. Another billion-dollar company also confirmed that it has invested over $ 700 million in BTC. But one after the other. In this article , we’ll take a closer look at what’s behind this news.

75% of private CFD accounts lose money. No EU investor protection

Ethereum is targeting $ 780, while these 3 indicators do not rule out an early market correction
The Ethereum (ETH) price rises and falls. The picture shows an Ethereum Coin and price candles in the background.

While everyone is watching the Bitcoin course with awe, it is worth looking to the left and right from time to time due to the high correlation of most cryptocurrencies with one another. In the case of Bitcoin , of course, all that remains is to look down and the first thing we see there is Ethereum . Therefore, today we want to devote ourselves to an extensive Ethereum course analysis in order to filter out how the crypto market is currently doing. Call up analysis .

IOTA Chrysalis Phase 2 live: Can the IOTA course benefit?

The IOTA price has risen. Thus the MIOTA price experiences a strong increase in value. This is commonly referred to as an IOTA Pump. The picture shows a MIOTA Coin in front of a rising price graph.

After the major crypto currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Co. could rise sharply in the last 7 days, we want to take a look at the IOTA (MIOTA) price today . Data from Coinmarketcap shows that IOTA was unable to outperform the market and has also been significantly below the average in the last 7 days with a price growth of + 11% compared to Bitcoin (+ 27%) or Litecoin (+ 22%).

Nevertheless, there is positive news: The IOTA Chrysalis Phase 2 is live. You can read what that means here .